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Scott FishmanSelfie posting douchbag who thinks he is a tough guy hiding behind a keyboard
Keith A SimsVery hateful person
Judge Emmet G. SullivanCorrupt
Robert J O'NeillTotal liar. Lied about killing Osama Bin Laden. Fraud.
John CusackStupid ass celebrity
Rob Reiner
Alyssa MilanoWhat a self contradicting political hack. Total asshole.
Kim Jong-unShort tempered North Korean dicktator
Xi JinpingChina, Covid-19, Hong Kong, South China Sea and just an asshole
Sundar PichaiCensoring, corporate bully and overall asshole
Maxwell GhislainePedo and human trafficker
Jeffrey EpsteinPedo and a sick sick puppy
Bill GatesCovid-19, Vaccines, Windows
Jack DorseyCensoring, shitbird and just overall a POS